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Cop Overtime With Backup

Developer: Joseph Votto
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Police Total Money Management (PTMM) is a comprehensive financial management tool for cops by cops. Under the supervision of a licensed CPA, this software was designed by a law enforcement agent who also posses over 10 years experience in software design, development and implementation and holds a Masters in Computer Science. Key features include:
• Overtime Calculator • User definable overtime classifications• Police Paid Detail/Off Duty Employment Manager • User definable cap (e.g. maximum # of hours your department authorizes in a month) • User definable vendors, including vendor location (e.g TD Bank Queens vs TD Bank Manh.) • Reminder alarm for upcoming Paid Detail event • Specify Pay Rate • View and Account for money earned• Monthly or quarterly overtime cap alerts• Overtime accounting to compare with time keeper• Custom Calendar Events with color coding• Monthly, quarterly and YTD overtime summary totals• Tier 2 Pension calculators• Project Regular Days Off (RDO) years in the future (e.g. 5 days on - 3 days off then 5 days on - 2 days off, or 4 days on - 2 days off, 2 days on - 4 days off, or 3 days on - 3 days off, etc)• Vacation days and picks management• Track overtime by type and reason• Graphs and Charts• Synchronize / Backup with your other devices.• Wrap around overtime (overtime greater than 23:59 hrs).
User manual
If this application does not meet your needs or you have an idea how to advance your agency with smartphone technology (e.g. NFC/RFID ID card integration, real-time tracking of personnel, forms automation, etc.) please contact us.
*Based on the NYC metropolitan area law enforcement specifications
1/2/14--------- •Issue - Unable to delete Paid Detail Entry. •Status - Resolved.
1/9/14--------- •Issue - Selected Paid Detail Vendor during scheduling Paid Detail is inconsistent with actual Paid Detail Vendor when viewing scheduled Paid Detail in Calendar Activity. •Status - Resolved.